We are interested in perception, how it is judged and the relationship between sound and vision.

What will participation involve? - This study involves completing a questionnaire the short questionnaire below. You will then be asked to listen to a series of voices and rate a series of faces for masculinity. There are 40 faces in total. If you have the time, please try and complete the test as we can only use data from those people who finish.

Before you begin please fill in the questions below. Questions marked with a * are required.

*Age (in years):   

*Sex:       Male        Female 

*What nationality are you?

*What is your ethnicity?

*Are you left- or right-handed:

Left-handed       Right-handed

*Do you have a current partner? yes no


Your Appearance

Please tell us about your appearance.

Is your Face:


Unattractive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Very Attractive


Feminine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Masculine


For women only (ignore if male)

Do you currently use a hormonal contraceptive (e.g. pill, injection, patch)?   Yes    No

How many days ago did your last period of menstruation (menstrual bleeding) start? days



Start the test by clicking below

You will hear a voice and then be asked to rate the face on screen. Faces will not be visible and you will not be able to rate the face until the voice stops playing. The tests uses Flash to play the voices, so if you can't hear the voices you might have to update/install flash. There is a link on the next page if you cannot hear the sounds.